6 Soaps Box

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All skin types.

All hair types – avoid it if you have very dry hair. Anti-dandruff.

These six soaps are traditional Aleppo soaps and each one is milled with a different ingredient.

These perfumed soaps are also perfect shampoo bars for greasy hair and are anti-dandruff.

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Composition :

Soap 1 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with  honey and royal jelly.
Extra moisturizing, a perfect anti-aging care.

Soap 2 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with nigella oil. 
Perfect skincare for fragiles and sensitives skins.

Soap 3 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with mint oil and extra olive oil
Very purifying and anti-dandruff.

Soap 4 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with musk, amber santalwood
Deodorant and perfumed.

Soap 5 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with laurel oil from Kassab and extra olive oil. 
Very moisturizing.

Soap 6 : traditional Aleppo soap milled with chamomile and naturel herbal
Perfect for babies skins/

Weight : about 100g for a soap

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