How to use aleppo clay


For your skin


The aleppo clay is ideal for sensitive skin. They can enjoy a purifying but soft care without any risk of allergy. The aleppo clay is also a really great anti-aging care. This mask is perfect for a bright complexion and a soft skin.


Mix three clay tablespoon with a little bit of water ; the consistance must be like a cream. You can ad an olive oil tablespoon to moisturize your skin even more.

Apply it on your face and your neck. Avoid your eyes and lips contour.

Leave it for three to five minuts. Wet your skin a little bit if the mask starts to dry.

Rinse well.

For your hair.

The aleppo clay can also be used as a nourishing hair mask for dull and dry hair.

Do the same recipie as for your face. You can ad a honey tablespoon to moisturize and brighten your hair even more.

Apply it on your wet hair.

Cover your hair with a hot towel and leave it for about five minuts.

Rinse well and apply a soft shampoo like this one or this one.

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